01-02-18 Perry Law Head shots02-05-17 Golanoski Glitter Session02-19-18 Fred the Bunny02-19-18 Maloney Easter03-04-17 Kachmar Maternity Session03-18-18 Accurso Easter03-18-18 Bangs Easter03-18-18 Davesky Easter03-18-18 Dutrow Easter03-18-18 Eicke Easter03-18-18 Esser Easter03-18-18 Foy Easter03-18-18 Haas Easter03-18-18 Johnson Easter03-18-18 Killino Easter03-18-18 Kuhn Easter03-18-18 Lantz Bunny Session03-18-18 Morris Easter03-18-18 Morrissey Easter03-18-18 Nealon Easter03-18-18 Quinn Easter03-18-18 Rosentel Easter03-18-18 Rosser Easter03-18-18 Seltzer Easter03-18-18 Thomas Easter03-18-18 Tressa Easter04-01-17 Kachmar Newborn Session04-11-17 Rosa 1st Birthday Session04-19-18 Scarpelli Cat Session04-21-18 Attorney Kacmarski04-28-17 Kasteleba Newborn Session04-29-17 Gina Mommy & Me Session05-05-18 Cody Mother's Day Mini's05-05-18 Comitz Mother's Day Mini05-05-18 Esser Mother's Day Mini's05-05-18 Kotch Mother's Day Mini's05-05-18 Morrissey Mother's Day Mini's05-05-18 Olszyk Mother's Day Mini's05-05-18 Rosser Mother's Day Mini's05-05-18 Shan Mother's Day Mini's05-05-18 Willis Mother's Day Mini's05-07-17 Church of Christ Uniting05-09-18 City in the Clouds05-16-18 Allstate Insurance05-17-18 Daney Father's Day Session05-19-18 Salotti Father's Day Session05-19-18 Thomas 2nd Birthday Session05-22-17 Siblini Head Shot Session05-24-18 Justice Grown06-02-18 Piccaretta Father's Day Mini06-02-18 Rosser Father's Day Mini06-02-18 Snyder Father's Day Mini06-02-18 Stuppino Father's Day Mini06-09-18 Lebowitz Marriage Proposal06-25-18 Schillaci Law06-29-17 Malinowski Glitter Session07-01-18 Nikki & Ernie Engagement07-08-17 Kacmarski Session08-05-17 Sudimak Head Shots08-16-17 Hogan Family Session08-23-17 Zlockie Senior Portrait Session09-12-17 Surdel Senior Portraits Session10-17-17 DeLeur Senior Portrait Session10-18-17 Perry Law Firm Bethlehem10-22-17 Yakimowicz Senior Portrait Session10-27-17 Bazadona Model Session11-02-17 Sitler Head Shots11-11-17 Christmas Tree Farm Sessions - Bonham Family11-11-17 Christmas Tree Farm Sessions - Kraklio Family11-12-17 Kornblatt Senior Portrait Session11-13-17 Corcoran Session11-15-17 Gover Holiday Session11-17-17 Howard Holiday Session and Birthday Cake Smash11-22-17 Perry Law Firm Scranton12-02-17 Santa Event- Betty Jo12-02-17 Santa Event- Chrissy12-02-17 Santa Event- Maggie12-02-17 Santa Event- Monica12-02-17 Santa Event- Nicole12-02-17 Santa Event- Shannon12-02-17 Santa Event- Sue12-02-17 Santa Event- Tammy12-02-17 Santa Event- Tara12-09-17 Cesari Family Holiday Session12-09-17 Sciabacucchi Family Session12-09-17 Varga Family Holiday Session12-12-17 Piczon Boudoir Session12-21-17 Bezek Holiday Session12-21-17 Comitz Holiday Session12-21-17 Snopeck Holiday Session12-22-17 Hughes Holiday Session12.11.17 Lecia Project